Product overview

Product overview

Attaché combines advanced software features, improved processes and best practise tactics to deliver measurable business improvement.
Complete system
The Attaché Complete System combines Accounting, Payroll and CRM for real-time management across the entire business.

Attaché includes a powerful SQL-compliant database and an improved user experience. With expanded cloud services and mobility enhancements, Attaché delivers a multi-platform approach to data security and connected computing.
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  • Intelligent accounting and payroll
  • Built-in CRM
  • Cloud or in-house server deployment
  • Intuitive, flexible design
  • Real-time management


  • Improve financial controls with Attaché Accounting Software

    Accounting Software

    Improve financial controls, operational efficiency and business intelligence management with serious accounting software that is designed for growing businesses.
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  • Attaché Payroll enables easy compliance and reduced data entry

    Payroll Software

    Attaché’s Payroll Software is designed for easy compliance and improved staff management for businesses of all sizes in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.
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  • Manage your fixed assets more efficiently with Attaché

    Asset Management

    Protect your business with comprehensive asset management software. Replace inaccurate spreadsheets for easy depreciation and a complete audit trail.
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  • Analyse your financial and payroll data with flexible reporting


    Analyse financial and payroll data on-demand with flexible reporting options. Easily customise and output reports for data analysis.
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  • Gain real-time business knowledge with Attaché Dashboards


    Gain real-time, in-depth knowledge of all your business's functions through interactive dashboards. See tasks, receive alerts, spot trends.
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  • Take control of stock, purchasing and holding costs with Attaché Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    Take control of stock, purchasing and holding costs. Minimise unproductive time and improve customer service with an efficient inventory system.
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  • Control manufacturing processes and improve stock control with Attaché Bill of Materials

    Bill of Materials

    Control manufacturing processes and improve stock control with tools that cut production costs through better inventory management.
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  • Connect your customers and financial data with CRM built into your Attaché Accounting Software


    Connect your customers, prospects and financial data with CRM built into your accounting software to improve sales and customer service.
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  • Access full featured accounting and payroll online with Attaché Cloud

    Hybrid Cloud

    Work the way you want to with integrated in-house and cloud software. Fast and fully-featured with secure online access to your data.
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  • Express Leave

    Streamline your leave processing with online leave management, reduce queries from employees and improve staff planning.
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  • Attaché MyPay is the inbox for employees, providing a secure online location for employee's to access payroll pay advices and payment summaries.


    The inbox for employees, providing a secure online location to access pay advices and payment summaries from mobile, tablet or desktop.
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  • Take the guess work out of cash flow forecasts

    Cash Flow Forecasting

    Take the stress out of cash flow forecasts. Predict cash requirements with budgets and "what if" analysis and enable early action.
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  • Attaché Document Management saves time and money through automated delivery

    Document Management

    Document management that saves time and money through the automated delivery and secure storage of business documents.
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  • Attaché Employee Portal streamlines the staff onboarding process

    Employee Portal

    Streamline the onboarding process and allow staff to manage their details and view an organisation chart via a secure online portal.
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  • Integrate an eCommerce web store with your Attaché Accounting Software

    Web Store

    Sell to new and existing customers online with a fully integrated, self-managed web store. Get started quickly and easily by selecting from a range of B2B or B2C designs.
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  • Transform your Attaché accounting data into valuable sales intelligence

    Sales Matrix

    Transform accounting data into valuable sales intelligence and find new ways to grow your business. Unlock new customers and capture up-sell opportunities.
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  • Provide your mobile sales reps with the information they need

    Sales SWOT

    Give your mobile sales reps the information they need. Grow sales through better customer intelligence with an online cloud system that is designed for sales people on the go.
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